Confessions on the beach

The idea of starting my very own blog has been breeding in my head for a while now. Today is the day, lying on the beach, enjoying my well-deserved vacation in Spain, I feel ready to share my reflections with the world!

Sometimes, when it’s very hot outside and there seems to be no air at all, right before a storm, the earth seems to be holding its breath, and then suddenly the storm starts, the big drops of water, the wind, the nature noises. And then you know everything is gonna be alright! Earth is breathing, and you are alive!

relax on the beach

Have you ever felt small? Tiny? Almost like an ant, lost and lonely? I think everybody has felt that way, and each of us has his own way of “surviving”, of being strong. It’s curious how things work… Sometimes, you get your strength out of a very bad situation, when things go terribly wrong. Sometimes, when everything seems to be just perfect and you should be the happiest person on earth, things begin to crack, almost like a crack on a very fine glass, and without realising, the crack becomes bigger and bigger until the crystalball just explodes in 1000 tiny pieces, and you are struggling to try and find them all and glue them back together…

This happened to me about 2 months ago. Back in March, I changed job, I got greater responsibilities and a cooler job, paired wit a company car. Me and my fiancé moved to a calmer city close by and to a beautiful big house. In September I’m getting married. We are healthy and have no problems. Life is perfect and I should be happy, right? I was so focused in trying to adapt to this new life, this new rhythm, that I didn’t realise there was a crack in my crystalball! When my mom and grandma came to visit us and left again after a few days, my ball shattered. 1000 tiny pieces were scattered all over the place. I felt like I had fallen to a deep hole, and there was no ladder to climb back up! 

Falling is good, that is what makes you grow up, think about your values and what you believe in. But you have to know how you will stand up! 

While in this state of reflection, I felt like I was in a bubble (my protective bubble that had emerged when my crystalball shattered?), and I was observing life from a thousand miles away. Seeing my own life and analyzing how people overcome their weaknesses, helped me realize what I wanted in my life and as a person, and what I wanted to change.

I’m actually grateful and happy I experienced this situation, because I’m under the impression that this is taking me one step closer to the ideal person I want to become!

And with this I close my first blog post, and just 1 more thought: I remember being 12 and thinking that everything would be ok and easy when I was grown up… hahaha what I didn’t know back then is that life just gets more complicated! But I believe we have the tools to uncomplicate our life and to be happy. In fact, only WE can do this, so let’s go for it!


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